Shopify app that enables shoppers to save items for later.


Meet Our App

Inspired by Amazon’s “saved for later” feature, we set out to provide this same functionality to Shopify store owners. Unlike the average wishlist app, CartBloom displays saved items directly below the cart where they don’t go unnoticed or forgotten.

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CartBloom Shopify App Listing

Cart Page

CartBloom comes with a beautiful, clean, and responsive cart template designed for maximum conversion. Merchants are able to customize colors and copy to seamlessly match their brand.


Users don't have to be logged in, guest's can also save items

Saved items stay in the shopper's cart across all their devices

Saved items on sale clearly mark the original price slashed out displaying the lower sale price, letting shoppers know that now is the time to make the purchase.

CartBloom User Experience

Metrics Dashboard

Merchant's are able to see a snapshot of the items their users are saving across the store, providing valuable insights to store owners.

CartBloom tracks conversions of products that users moved from their saved items into their cart, and proceeded to purchase. This gives us the opportunity to showcase the value the app is providing as we are able to show them how much revenue CartBloom assists in generating for the store.

CartBloom Dashboard

Marketing Website

CartBloom's official website that contains landing pages and documentation on how to install and use the app.

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CartBloom Website